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19 Things you didn’t know about Tiger Woods – 2021

In this post, we are going to talk about 19 things that you probably didn’t know about Tiger Woods in 2021.

Yes, yes! woodmaze.com is about wood! But, in our other post, Tigerwood, Tigerwoods, or Tiger Woods, we talked about a common mistake that some people make distinguishing between these names.

As we promised in that post, we will write something (only this one time) about the champ, Tiger Woods, the professional golfer.


19 things that you (probably) didn’t know about Tiger Woods


19. His father named him Tiger, after a fellow soldier

Tiger Woods’s father, Earl, who happened to be a Basketball player in college, named his son Tiger after his army friend, Colonel Vuong Dang Phong.


18. His real name is Eldrik, which contains initials of both his father and mother

Tiger Woods’s real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. They named him Eldrick, because it starts with initial of his father’s name Earl, and ends with initial of his mother’s name, Kultida.


17. He was born in a multi-cultural family.

Tiger Woods’s father Earl is Afro-American, and his mother Kultida is Thai.


16. He started to play golf before he could read or write

Tiger Woods watched his father hit balls in their garage when he was 6 months old.

By age 3, he shot 48 for nine holes at the Navy Golf Course, thanks to his father.

He broke the 80 strokes record when he was only 8 years old, and 70 strokes, when he was 12.


15. He’s the only person who won US Amateur Championship, 3 years in a row (1994 to 1996)


14. Golf is not his only sport

He is interested in many sports, including soccer, diving, boating, fishing, and basketball.


13. Younger Golfer who won the career grand slam (at age 24)


12. He’s a college drop-out

He studied at Stanford University, but after two years he left to become a professional.


11. His foundation helps to make the world a better place.

The Tiger Woods Foundation helps millions of children worldwide, by improving the quality of their education.


10. He became the richest athlete in the world, in 2010.


9. Stuttering wasn’t an obstacle to him.

With help of school classes and practicing talking to his dog, he overcame it.


8. One of the best golfers of all time, with a relatively low PGA.

Over years, Tiger Woods played in 368 events, but according to PGA Tour website, he won first place in 82 of them.


7. His net worth is estimated to be $800 million, according to golfmagic.com.


6. His birthplace is Cypress, California.


5. Tiger Woods is a Buddhist.


4. He’s a successful businessman, interested in Bars and Restaurants

He owns a sport bar named The Woods Jupiter.


3. Music and Sports

Woods likes listening to music when practicing


2. Tiger Woods owns a Golf Course design firm, named TGR Design


1. Red is his lucky color.

Inspired by the Asian culture from his mother’s side, Tiger Woods likes to wear red t-shirts, especially during the last golf tournament.




Image by David Mark from Pixabay. – Link