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What is a wood planer and how to use it

What is a wood planer? A wood planer is one of the best woodworking tools that woodworkers might need when doing different projects. In this article, you’re going to learn what a wood planer is and how to use it correctly. The history of the wood planer The use of the wood planer goes back […]

Redwood and what woodworkers need to know about it

Redwood and everything you need to know about Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) is the tallest species of trees in the entire world, with an average height of 275 to 330 feet. Redwoods might live for a long time (sometimes up to 1000 years). They are commonly found in a limited area on the Pacific Northwest in […]

Tiger Woods, Tigerwoods

19 Things you didn’t know about Tiger Woods – 2021

In this post, we are going to talk about 19 things that you probably didn’t know about Tiger Woods in 2021. Yes, yes! is about wood! But, in our other post, Tigerwood, Tigerwoods, or Tiger Woods, we talked about a common mistake that some people make distinguishing between these names. As we promised in […]

7 best wood for shelves

Which is the best wood for shelves? Before starting your woodworking project and make different kinds of bookshelves, wall shelves, and other types of shelves, there are some key factors to consider. So read until the end of this article to find out which is the best type of wood for shelves.   To make […]

Tigerwood or Tigerwoods?

Tigerwood, Tigerwoods, or Tiger Woods?

Which one is correct, Tigerwood, Tigerwoods or Tiger Woods? This probably is the question which brought you to this blog post. Believe it or not, up until recently I had my doubts about this as well! So, I decided to write this blog post, to hopefully help clear things up. Here is the short answer: […]

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Different types of wood

Finding the right type of wood for woodworking projects is not always an easy job to do. Have you ever wondered which wood is the best for your project? Maybe once you wanted to make a piece of furniture, a window frame, chairs, tables, and lots of different things made of wood, but at the […]

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12 Different types of Power Saws

Why shall I use a power saw? If you find cutting a muscle-powered process, which needs a lot of physical effort and makes you tired, then power saws are here to help you. Of course, having an electric motor to run the whole device adds to the price and makes it more expensive but more […]

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12 Different types of Hand Saws

Whether you want to cut some wood, build a chair, make a wooden bench, or even do some woodworking, chances are you need something to cut the wood to sizes and make beautiful things out of pieces of wood. In this case, you’ll need to know whether to use a hand saw or a power […]