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Demystifying wood and woodworking

Wood, a gift from Gods?

There is no doubt that wood played an important role in the advancement of humankind. It has always been one of the main building blocks of what shapes human civilization.
We can only guess about the time our early ancestors started to use wood as an aid to ease their lives. Perhaps a tree branch was used as a tool, or maybe a weapon?
Scientists found evidence that shows woodworking goes back as far as 1.5 years in history! In an article on, “Wood — the vein that runs through human history”, it is indicated that the early ancestor of humans, Homo erectus, used to attach pieces of stone to the wood, to create what is believed to a simple form of an axe (or ax, as some prefer!).
The use of  fire even goes even further back in history. There is evidence proving that early humans started to control fire between 1.7 to 2 million years ago.
But leaving history aside, we still benefit from the magical aspects of it. We still warm our bodies and our hearts and seek safety in the beauty of wooden fire; We still use it to build wonderful wooden tools, beautiful wooden houses, and magnificent and comfortable wood-made furniture.


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